From Our Correspondent (Part II)

Written by Pastor Augustine Williams

The second report is from Augustine Williams who is one of our agents and the Education Secretary, responsible for overseeing the education work in the Connexion.

‘I have endeavoured to put together the following information on the progress made in education and evagenlism within the purview of my lenght of service with the Countess of Huntingdon Connexion in Sierra Leone, from 1993 to date:-

THE SIERRA LEONE CONNEXION IN 1993: The Sierra Leone Connexion in 1993 was only known as a Christian Institution, by a small percentage of the inhabitants in the Western Area. Four Primary Schools and one Secondary School existed in the Western Area, as the connexional Churches and Schools were concentrated in this Region.

EXPANSION: Speedy expansion started after the war. From 1993 to date, more schools and churches have been established in the Western Area, Northern Region, Eastern Region, and Southern Region. We currently have eighteen primary schools, four secondary schools, one pre-primary school and twenty three churches.

TRAINING: Between 2004 to date the SLM has funded about forty teachers in training. The Connexion has gained much recognition in Sierra Leone for its continuous support of human resource development, which is uncommon with most Christian Istitutions here.

CONNEXIONAL LEADERSHIP AND ADMINISTRATION: With the credible leadership of the Connexion, we have been able to promote education and evangelism especially after the rebel war. One can now experience much unity amongst us. This is evident at Conference sessions, Fellowship Meetings and Sunday activities. With generious contributions by the SLM/FSL, we can now boast of a very magnificent administrative building at 9 West Street, in Freetown (part of the Lady Selina Chapel complex).

EVANGELISM: Much evangelism work is going on. New churches have been established in Wellington (February 2006), and in Kenema (2009).The work at Mile 91 is nearly completed and the congregation is growing with the effort of our Leadership and the young Pastor assigned to that church (Pastor Alfred Kobba). More converts are adding to the church at Wellington daily (a Muslim dominated area) where a very big building project is in progress funded by theFSL. I am the founder and present Pastor of the Church.

NATIONAL ISSUES: Our desire is to see most of our schools being assisted by the Government, but the Ministry of Education is yet to lift band on the approval of more schools and teachers. Please pray that we may see this dream come through.’

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Ben is the former Chairman of the Sierra Leone Mission Committee in the UK, now serving as a co-opted member of the SLM, as well as the minister of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion church in Wormley, Hertfordshire (
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