Friday 5th February (sort of): Made It!

Yesterday was an eventful day!

The flight to Lungi Airport was very straightforward. Even getting through the scrum of people wanting to ‘help’ us the other side of customs was easy too! Reuben and Francis were their to meet us and whisked us and our luggage into the car and off we drove to Tagrin where we were to catch the ferry. The ferry was there too, ready and waiting for us, but…

…a large container lorry had decided to reverse off the ferry and on to the ramp. The angles make a V-shape, and the container had got grounded half way across. There was no way it was going anywhere. Eventually the other ferry was sent across from Freetown. That landed just fine, and then simnply sat there doing nothing. Reuben came into his own then, and went off to sort them out. And so it was that we arrived at 4pm at the hotel instead of midnight, to get 2 1/2 hours sleep before today began. A perfect introduction to Sierra Leone for Tim!

Today has been a long day, with much to reflect on. We visited Elder Clinton Jackson’s family to bring our condolences, before heading to Lumley Church. From there to the Milton Margai School for the blind – a fantastic place! Next stop Jui church and finally the Youth Conference Singer Fest at Hastings. Here I was to discover that I was due to deliver a sermon some 5 minutes before being asked to stand up and speak! I’ll try and post properly tomorrow, but now I’m ready for some sleep before another early start…

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  1. Mike Ward says:

    Well I was nearly right…. classic stuff! Hope you’re managing to get a bit of rest today. How is Family Kingdom? Are they looking after you properly? Did the dear deer eat all your breakfast? Dear Dear!

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