at last – a banana!

For the past 30 years I have joked that I only eat bananas fresh from the tree – it seemed a safe excuse until today! Actually really enjoyed it so I was right! I am a bit of a failure as a blogger but Ben is so good that he makes up for me
This is an amazing country and full of contradictions but the people are so warm hearted as to touch the heart in an amazing way. The kindness of their welcome and the grace and dignity they have shown us makes the long journeying and long days worth every minute. Out in the bush our lives are so different to theirs but their faith in God and the passion in their worship and their kindness challenge and encourage me.
Pray for us that we might encourage and be encouraged; build up and be built up; help and be helped.
All along people are grateful and praying for you all back home which is a beautiful thing.

About Tim Wells

Tim is an Elder at Wormley Free Church a SLM committee member, responsible for shipments to Sierra Leone. He is also a nurseryman, running Tim Wells Nurseries.
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  1. Clive Dale says:

    Hi both

    Tim – don’t get used to it and expect to be able to pick bananas straight from the tree 🙂

    I’m glad that you’ve settled in, and can soak up the experiences in SL.

    We are thinking and praying for you both.



  2. Pilgrim says:

    Sounds like this experience is having a profound affect on you brother mine. I agree with you in prayer concerning all these things & say an amen to them, even the ones you may not have been able to mention for individuals. For Jesus sake & in His name.

    You aren’t a bit sorry about the snow! You’re just thankful you aren’t having to cope with it. *Bops ya on da noggin wif me rubber chicken! * : )

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