Fascinating day at the SLM Conference. No mention of hoovers (for those who are kind enough to forgive my failings about meetings) but there are plenty of substitutes! People are very passionate about the business of the Church and although it was a bit tricky to follow everything because of the language difference it was quite exciting!
Great to meet lots of people and to practice names – Attu for example I had tried to remember by thinking it sounded like a sneeze but then I talked with him in the afternoon and calle him Tissue which was not quite the same!!!He was very forgiving though.
Pray for wisdom for the business decisions – God is at work among his people here and they need his grace and wisdom.

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About Tim Wells

Tim is an Elder at Wormley Free Church a SLM committee member, responsible for shipments to Sierra Leone. He is also a nurseryman, running Tim Wells Nurseries.
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  1. Pilgrim says:

    Tissue. You do realise that the poor man is going to be stuck with that as a nickname now don’t you. *LOL!*

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