Friday 12th February: Election Day

Today has been a tense day. All Conference has been working up to this moment, the day of the elections for the Connexional Officers, including the post of Chairman and General Superintendent, currently held by the Rev. Reuben Dove. Behind the scenes there has been much debate over who is the best person to take the Connexion forward.

The day started more lazily than usual; we missed the first sessions to catch up with outselves. It was also good to avoid being asked we thought should be G.S.; itwould be prejudicial for us to be seen to support one person over another.

We made Conference in time for another address by the Dean, a passionate plea for unity amongst God’s people.

After lunch and further stabs at speaking Krio, it was time for the vote. This was a loud and enthusiastic affair as expected. Great care was taken to ensure that no accusation of vote tampering was made, and that procedure was followed. As the votes came in there was laughter and great grace displayed by winners and losers, and much affection for nominees shown. Rev. Theophilus Nicol, a fellow Liverpool FC supporter won the position of Assistant G.S. and in the final act of Conference, Rev. Reuben Dove lost out to Re. Sallu Koroma. Reuben was generous to Sallu. It will be strange not working with him after all these years, but I am sure that our frindship will continue.

Conference has been good. We have learnt much about our family here, and got to know many of them well. That said, I am glad that we shall be returning to visiting the churches and schools again – we’ve spent too many hours sitting on hard benches!

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