Sunday 14th February: Lady Selina’s Chapel, Freetown & Lumley Craft Market

Today would be the last chance to have a bit of time to ourselves before what looks like a somewhat manic week.

This morning we headed into Freetown for a service at Lady Selina’s Chapel, where Rev. Lauretta Marah is Minister, assisted by Jamestina Sankoh. This was one of the first building projects I co-ordinated, and still one of the largest we’ve done. It was great to see Mulbah Harris, who designed the building and came over just to meet us. Thanks to ‘The Friends of Sierra Leone’ there’s now a set of offices on top of the church. The service was a wonderful blend of old time English hymns, and jubilant African songs. As always they were very welcoming. Tim preached this morning,talking on his favourite topic of the moment, Gideon, picking up on the time when he was cowering in a winepress, and God spoke to him, calling him a ‘Mighty Warrior’ and giving him the instruction to go in his own strength, and he would be with him. It was all spot on, and had much to say about not believing thy are insignificant, and avoiding the view that they are dependent on the rich West to acheive anything. We also taught them an English children’s song ‘My God is so Big’. I suspect they saw us as two mad white men!

This afternoon we had free! Our last chance to wander down Lumley Beach, dodging the crowds playing football and dancing to music pumped out at distorted levels from ridiculously large speakers. A pleasant stroll. We felt very safe wandering amongst them, greated with many smiles. We were approached a lot less by folks hassling us to buy trinkets than previous visits I thought. Feeling brave, we ventured into Lumley Craft Market – a real tourist trap. We made many new friends! Neither Tim or I are good at haggling or saying no, but we managed to do well and resisted buying every thing out of guilt at high prices!

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Ben is the former Chairman of the Sierra Leone Mission Committee in the UK, now serving as a co-opted member of the SLM, as well as the minister of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion church in Wormley, Hertfordshire (
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3 Responses to Sunday 14th February: Lady Selina’s Chapel, Freetown & Lumley Craft Market

  1. DavidLockett says:

    How about some photos with Ben in them?

  2. Ben Quant says:

    Actually, it’s all an elaborate hustle – I’m not even in Africa at all!

  3. Grant and Becca says:

    So where have you decided to go instead? Can’t say we came across you in the Caribbean?

    Anyway, the blog is great – and impressed with the quantity and quality of updates! Definitely need more pictures of Ben… and a picture of Tim eating a banana!

    Take care and keep the updates coming!

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