Day 3: Conference

Today was the opening day of Conference. Conference is always an colourful affair – lots of friends old and new, debates to be had, procedures to be followed, and offerings to be taken. Its not everybody’s cup of tea, but I have grown to appreciate it. It is hard to follow everything that is said, especially when in Krio, but it gives a good sense of how things are going in the Connexion and flags up issues that we might have to deal with.

At the end of the main business we had an additional meeting with the Connexional Officers to discuss some of the problems we have experienced this last year and to try and map out the future relationship between our two organisations. We had been apprehensive about this, but the discussions yesterday had helped pave the way, and Sallu Koroma, the Chairman and General Superintendent was very good in setting the outline of what and what was not to be discussed so that it was constructive. God was undoubtedly with us.

During the communion I was accosted by a stranger – at least he was for a moment until I realised that this was my old friend John Sawyerr who drove Mike and I around on my first visit in 2002. John is now working as our Independent Financial Advisor, bringing in an additional level of financial accountability into transactions carried out by our agents in order to safeguard them as well as us. We hope to meet again socially before we return, something I am looking forward to a lot.

We managed to get home again at a very reasonable time – I am not missing the daily commute through Freetown of previous years. We have saved some two hours a day of sitting in congestion! The internet connection isn’t as good here as it was in the Family Kingdom, but I’m willing to trade that for the chance to rest and recover at the end of the day. Its much cheaper to boot!

I may try and post a few photos later, but no promises. We’re on a limit internet quota, and there is every chance that the signal will die before they’re uploaded.

We’ll post again tomorrow. Thanks for the prayers and messages of support!

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Ben is the former Chairman of the Sierra Leone Mission Committee in the UK, now serving as a co-opted member of the SLM, as well as the minister of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion church in Wormley, Hertfordshire (
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5 Responses to Day 3: Conference

  1. Mike Ward says:

    So glad to hear that all is going well. You’ll be booking your flights for another visit next year by the sound of it!

  2. Mike Ward says:

    Please pass on my greetings to John if you do get to see him again.

  3. Tim Wells says:

    Thus far has the Lord led us – this is sounding a good trip so far! Am struggling with covetousness………

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