Tuesday 20th February

Another good day! Met Mr Fawaz and withdrew some money. Then it was off to Magbafti to teach at the school. 34 children in the craft group, brilliant work by our youth, Janet and I had to play with the other 70+ other youngsters. The singing was good as well, both by our youth and the school.
Then it was off to Cole Town to meet with the church fellowship. We were welcomed with singing led by a young lady aged 8 who led the singing with Afrian gusto.
Then we met with the youth conference at Hastings before returning through Freetown to our hotel. The police stopped us at one point for going through an area reserved for private cars, I think a bribe was paid to enable us to continue to the hotel.
Then it was to the craft market so everyone could spend their money on gifts to take home.
A few then went for a swim before going for a meal.
Another very positive and profitable day.
Just to say that we are all well and disappointed we are in the latter days of this trip.
Tomorrow we have our longest day and may not get around to posting, we leave at 8.30am and don’t expect to get back until 9.30pm.
Thank you for all your prayers

About Pastor Gordon

Gordon was the pastor of Copthorne Chapel for 17 years from January 1994 until his retirement at the end of December 2010. He took over the role as chairman of the Sierra Leone Mission in June 2010. He also serves as president of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion and is the editor of the Voice magazine.
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