What a day, great time at Fufu Water, although 320 children is a bit more than one class to work with. We split into 6 groups, some doing crafts others playing game, seeing 50 African children doing the ‘Hokey kokey’ is a novelty, especially in the sun at 37 degrees!
On the way to St Mark’s we were stopped by the police, for the second time, it cost the driver a second bribe!
Good welcome at St Mark’s with fish and chips again, plus fruit salad.
Toby feeling a bit under the weather, so sat in the front seat as we travelled home to the hotel.
We had a short break at the hotel to refresh ourselves in the pool, Janet and Toby decided not to swim and Toby decided to stay at home rather than go to Mongeba for the evening of Revival. Sadly we arrived after it had started. A young woman was ‘preaching’ African style. The evening was put on especially for us, there were about 70 there, at their monthly revival meetings it is not unusual for 200 – 300 to be the. The drive home through Freetown was an experience not to be missed. Freetown at night is a cacophony of noise, smell, colour and taste. Similar could be said of Freetown during the day as well.
What a day! Arrived back at the hotel 10.30pm

About Pastor Gordon

Gordon was the pastor of Copthorne Chapel for 17 years from January 1994 until his retirement at the end of December 2010. He took over the role as chairman of the Sierra Leone Mission in June 2010. He also serves as president of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion and is the editor of the Voice magazine.
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