The final full day is over, and what a day. It began as half of us went to Mr Fawaz to get some more money while the others headed to the Milton Margi school for the blind. What a fabulous place. We were able to see not only where they were taught but also where they slept and the kitchens. Milton Margi has certainly left a legacy. We were also shown the beds which were given by S.L.M. Some years ago.
It was then off to Jerusalem Avenue, another school packed with several hundred pupils. We worked with one class of about over 100 pupils, not ideal conditions but we pray we got the message across to them. It was then time to meet with the whole school, they sang to us and we sang to them.
Afterwards we looked at outside of the school and it was good to see they have built a small nursery school right next to the school.
Ebenezer Church, Lumley was our last stop of the day. We were welcomed by Rev Theophilus Nicol and shown the church, which is now almost finished. They are trying to raise Le6m for new pews before the official opening of the new building. We were given lunch of fish and chips, plus a bottle of coke. At which point a lady brought an African dress in for Janet (when Janet tried it on later it looked fine and I’m sure the fellowship at Zion, St Ives will see it at some point).
It was then back to the hotel for a swim, the final shop in the African craft market just around the corner and a meal together before our final devotion together where we shared just some of the blessings we had received.
Our prayer is that we will have made a difference in a few people’s lives here in West Africa.
Friday we will visit Lady Selina’s Capel in Freetown before heading off to the ferry and the long wait at Lungi for our overnight flight back to Gatwick.
This will be our last posting, but can I take this opportunity to hank everyone who has helped to make tis trip, the trip of a lifetime for each of us. Your prayers have meant so much to us.
I am sure our families will hea a lot more about th trip over the coming days, weeks an months, but we will not apologies for our enthusiasm but hope you understand that Sierra Leone has got under of skin.
Thank you and God bless.

About Pastor Gordon

Gordon was the pastor of Copthorne Chapel for 17 years from January 1994 until his retirement at the end of December 2010. He took over the role as chairman of the Sierra Leone Mission in June 2010. He also serves as president of the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion and is the editor of the Voice magazine.
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