2011 Visit

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Sunday 30th January

  • Fly from Heathrow on flight BD967 leaving at 11.50am, arriving at Lungi Airport at 7.45pm.
  • Travel to the HOPE Centre where we’re staying by ferry and car.

Monday 31st January

  • Wellington
  • Allen Town
  • Shepherd Hospice
  • Christ Church, Hastings

Tuesday 1st – Friday 4th February

  • Attending the Countess of Huntingdon’s Connexion, S.L.’s Annual Conference
  • Holding discussions concerning the future working arrangements of the SLM, Agents and Connexion

Saturday 5th February

  • Mongegba
  • Grafton

Sunday 6th February

  • Attend morning service at Roger Grundy Church, Jui
  • Gordon will be preaching

Monday 7th February

  • Bureh Town
  • Tombo
  • Tissana
  • Cole Town

Tuesday 8th February

  • Foofoo Water
  • Brama Town
  • St. Mark’s, Waterloo

Wednesday 9th February

  • Fogbo
  • Ebenezer, Manalo
  • Rawley’s Makomba
  • Magbafti

Thursday 10th February

  • Ebenezer, Lumley
  • Jerusalem Avenue
  • St. John’s Goderich

Friday 11th February

  • Return home on flight BD968 leaving at 10.45pm
  • Arrive Saturday 12th February at Heathrow at 6.35am

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