From Our Correspondent (Part I)

Written by Rev. Reuben C. Dove

For Conference I asked some of our friends in Sierra Leone if they might be able to provide some reports and stories of the work in Sierra Leone in recent times, particularly raltaing to their evangelistic efforts. I received the following which I share again here for those who weren’t able to make it (edited for reasons of space). The first is from Rev. Reuben Dove, the General Superintendent of the SL Connexion

‘It will interest you to know that the entire team of ministers and laypastors are involved in the Evangelism Ministry of the Connexion. At our usual monthly Ministers and Laypastors Fellowship, each minister and laypastor contributes towards a fund known as Mission and Evangelism. Whenever there is need for us to embark on an evangelistic exercise we use the fund to enhance transportation cost and any logistics.

Alfred Kobba at Mile 91

Alfred Kobba at Mile 91

In the past, the work of the mission was centered on the Freetown and Peninsula area. Now the tide has turned and in compliance with the Great Commission we have now moved to the provinces where we have evangelised Kono, Mile 91, Magburaka, and most recently Kenema. In Kono, we a church and school although the building has not yet been completed.There is also a church and school in Mile 91. We continue to thank WRU for their generous contibution in funding the construction of six classrooms where the congregation meets regularly for worship and weekly meetings. The school is now sending her first crop of students who sat the NPSE primary school leaving exams to secondary school! I want to inform you that there is growth taking place at Mile 91 now. Infact we have arranged to train one local member to assist with the evangelistic work. Alfred Kobba is doing extremely good work in the mission field outside there. The average number now is about 20. We expect to have more growth taking placein not too distant future.

We have a congregation and school at Magburaka. Here we praise God for the Friends of Sierra Leone (FSL) who paid for the piece of land to erect a school and church building in the future. Most recently we have planted a church in Kenema the newest in the Provinces. The congregation meets at the newly constructed health Centre with the approval of the community and the chief. There is great progress.

The problem of finance has been the key factor militating against the smooth running of the evangelism ministry.

Our main strategy is establishing school alonside the church planting exercise. We have proved that this strategy has been successful. Through teaching the children we can get to the parents whom we can then evangelise and win them for Christ. Through this way we have planted many churches.’

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